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Item 2

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – December 13th, 2017

Item 3A

STAFF AND COMMUNITY BRIEFINGS (A member of the public may not address a board at a meeting on an item posted as a briefing)

Presentation by Marni Wilhite, Ashlee Harris, and Ben Weatherman on how they are improving the City of Austin’s website.

Item 3B

Presentation by Carol Gibbs on resources available on the City’s website.

Item 3C

Presentation by John Speirs on the Digital Empowerment Community of Austin

Item 4A

COMMISSION UPDATES (Discussion and Possible Action) Digital Inclusion Working Group.

Item 4B

Knowledge, Information, and Data Stewardship Working Group.

Item 4C

Technology, Infrastructure, and Innovation Working Group.

Item 4D

Transparency and Civic Participation Working Group.

Items 5 & 6

5. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS Next Regular Meeting: February 14th, 2018.

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