Call to Order & Citizens Comments

Call to Order

Citizen Comments

Item 2A

Election of the Chair

Item 2B

Election of the Vice Chair

Item 3

Consider and take appropriate action on summary minutes from the December 12, 2011 meeting

Item 4

Consider and take appropriate action on Amendment 3 to the FY 2012 Unified Planning Work Program and associated resolution

Item 5

Consider and take appropriate action on criteria for the upcoming call for Federal Transit Administration’s Job Access – Reverse Commute and New Freedom projects in the urbanized area

Item 6

Consider and take appropriate action on a resolution authorizing the Director to negotiate and execute an Interlocal Agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation for the Caldwell County Transportation Plan

Item 7

Presentation and discussion of issues relating to CAMPO’s public participation procedures and processes

Item 8

Presentation of End of Year Reports

1. Annual Performance and Evaluation Report

2. Federal Funds Obligated Report

3. Congestion Management Process State of the System Report

4. Commute Solutions Annual Report

5. Growth Monitoring Report

Item 9

Presentation of the CAMPO Regional Toll Analysis

Item 10A

Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee

Item 10B & 11

10B. CAMPO Director

1. Report on strategies to schedule projects approved for STP MM funding 2. FY 2012 Budget and Local Contribution Update

11. Adjourn

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