Item B1

DISCUSSION AND REQUESTED ACTION ITEMS Staff requests approval of November 7, 2019 draft minutes

Item B2

Staff and Applicant requests for postponement and withdraw of items posted on this Agenda

Item P2

C15-2019-0055 David Cancialosi for Mark Odom 2803 Edgewater Drive

The applicant is requesting a variance(s) from Section 25-2-551 (Lake Austin (LA) District Regulations)

1. (C) (3) (c) increase Impervious Cover from 5 percent, on a slope with a gradient of more than 25 percent and not more than 35 percent (required) to 66% (requested); 0% (existing)

2. (E) (2) to increase Impervious Cover to 29% for a driveway in order to erect a Single-Family Residential use in an “LA” zoning district.

Item I1

VARIANCES NEW PUBLIC HEARINGS C15-2019-0059 Janice Srivathanakul 101 and 102 Lago Verde Road

a) Decrease the minimum lot width requirement (required) from 100 feet to 50 feet (requested), and

b) Decrease the minimum interior side yard setback requirement from 10 feet (required) to 5 feet (requested) in order to remodel a single family residence and add an accessory apartment in a “LA”, zoning district.

Item I4

C15-2020-0002 Meredith Bradley 1016 Avondale Road

The applicant is requesting a variance(s) from the Land Development Code: 1. Section 25-2-492 (D) (Site Development Regulations) from setback requirements in order to: a) decrease the minimum front yard setback from 25 feet (required) to 12 feet 6 inches (requested/existing), b) decrease the minimum rear setback from 10 feet (required) to 5 feet (requested/existing), and from

2. Section 25-2-963 (F) (2) (Modification and Maintenance of Non-complying Structures) to exceed the additional length of a modified portion of a building’s non-conforming wall by more than 25 feet (permitted) to 32 feet (Requested) in order to add a second story to a portion of the first story footprint of an existing single-family home in a SF-3-NP”, Single-Family Residence-Neighborhood Plan zoning district. (South River City Neighborhood Plan)

Item P4

C15-2019-0061 Jarred Corbell for PSW-Springdale, LLC 735 Springdale Road

The applicant is requesting a variance(s) to increase the maximum allowable Compatibility Height requirements of Article 10, Compatibility Standards, Division 2 – Development Standards, Section 25-2-1063 (C)(2) (Height Limitations and Setbacks for Large Sites) from 40 feet (maximum allowed) to 48 feet (requested) in order to erect a 48 ft. foot Commercial Office use in a “CS-MU-CO-NP”, General Commercial Services – Mixed Use – Conditional Overlay –Neighborhood Plan zoning district. (Govalle Neighborhood Plan)

Item S1

NEW BUSINESS Discussion of the November 7, 2019 Board activity report

Item S2

Staff Report Requested on HB 2497; Discussion and possible action.

HB 2497 limits who can file administrative appeals of site-specific applications to the Board. In the past, any “aggrieved party” could appeal zoning-related determinations to the Board. As of September 1, the right to file administrative appeals is limited to landowners, a person within 200 feet of the property, applicants, officers, departments, boards, or bureaus that are affected by the decision. For non-site specific applications, the law remains the same: any person aggrieved by the decision, or any officer, department, board, or bureau affected by the decision may appeal.

Item S3

Discussion and possible action on the draft LDC; BOA LDC Workgroup Report (Workgroup Members: Leighton-Burwell, Hawthorne, Cohen, Hodge and Smith)

Item S4

Discussion and possible action on the FY 2020-21 Budget Calendar

Item S5

Discussion and possible action on the Number of Allowed Postponements

Item S6

Discussion and possible action regarding Workgroups Update: Transportation Criteria/Code Recommendations Workgroup (Smith, Hodge & Corral)

o Resolution re: DSD Representation (No response from City Staff) o Transportation Criteria Manual (e.g. Gas Islands) o Regular BOA Issues that might trigger Code Revision

Item S7

Discussion in regards to hardships (workshop):

o Training for Members re: Setback, IC, Lake Austin/Environmental Cases AND Hardship o Presentation on BOA Guidelines

Item S8

BOA Response to Neighborhood Inquiry re: Pre-Clearance Policy and approvals by other Boards and Commissions (Presentation by City Legal)

Item S9


Items S10 & T

S-10 Discussion of future agenda new business items, staff requests and potential special called meeting and/or workshop requests

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