Item 1


Item 2

Election of officers for 2014 and 2015

Item 3

Appointment of Members of the Executive Committee

Item 4I

An appointment to fill the unexpired term of Frank Fernandez on the Board of Directors for the Capital Area Metropolitan Transportation Authority and accompanying resolution

Item 4A

Summary minutes from the December 9, 2013 meeting

Item 4B

Request to approval Transportation Policy Board meeting dates for 2014

Item 4C

Request to amend the Bylaws and Operating Procedures to allow public comment on presentations and reports

Item 4D

Request from the City of Austin to transfer $600,000 in STP MM funds to Travis County for the preliminary engineering of the Braker Lane extension project , and accompanying resolution

Item 4E

Request to award $3,303,482 in federal funds to Caldwell County for implementation of the Caldwell County Transportation Plan, and accompanying resolution

Item 4F

Request from Bastrop County to transfer STP MM awarded project underrun funds, and accompanying resolution

Item 4G

Request from the City of San Marcos to Modify Awarded STP MM Project along Old Ranch Road 12 and accompanying resolution

Item 4H

Request to consider a framework to allocate available funds in the CAMPO region

Item 5

Consider and take appropriate action on a request to relocate future Transportation Policy Board meetings to the Travis County offices located at 700 Lavaca Street, Austin

Items 6 - 9

6. Report from the CAMPO Director A. Availability of End of Year Reports (Annual Performance and Expenditure Report and Annual Project Listing Report) B. Public Meetings for FYs 2015-2018 Transportation Improvement Program development, CAMPO 2035 Regional Transportation Plan amendments, and CAMPO 2040 Regional Transportation Plan Development C. 2040 Plan development report, including travel demand model runs and scenario development 7. Report from the Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee 8. Report from the Chair of the Transportation Policy Board 9. Adjourn
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