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Item 4

APPROVAL OF MINUTES AND ACTION a. Approve the minutes of the regular Environmental Commission meeting of December 5, 2018 (5 minutes)

Item 5

ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICER’S UPDATE ON PAST COMMISSION ACTIONS AND REPORT ON ITEMS OF INTEREST a. Watershed Protection Department staffing update b. Boards and Commissions attendance policy

Item 8


Name: Senna Hills Municipal Utility District (MUD) Land Plan Amendment (C12M-2018-0145) Applicant: Senna Hills Ltd. Location: Approximately 11.73 acres at the northwest corner of the intersection of FM 2244 and Senna Hills Dr. Staff: Virginia Collier, Planning and Zoning Department, and Atha Phillips, Watershed Protection Department Watershed: Lake Austin and Barton Creek Watersheds Request: Consider an amendment to the Senna Hills MUD Land Plan to: 1) change school and irrigation to office use and 2) update the land use allocation table to reflect the actual built-out conditions. Staff Recommendation: Staff recommends denial of the request to amend the consent agreement as proposed. Reasons for Recommendation: The existing Land Plan states that the school lot has 2 acres of usable area based on the slopes under 15%. The remaining acreage is allocated for wastewater irrigation. The Consent Agreement and corresponding Restrictive Covenant specify that “Development shall be prohibited within the Irrigation Lands as shown on the Land Plan; provided, however, said irrigation land may be utilized for recreational purposes and facilities which do not conflict with the use of said land for irrigation purposes. This restriction shall continue to be in effect following the time that irrigation may cease on said areas.” If the impervious cover remains below the 2 acres deemed buildable on the Land Plan, the land use (school vs. office) is inconsequential, however, the restriction prohibiting development within the irrigation land in perpetuity is inconsistent with the proposed amendment. (30 minutes)

Items 9 & 11

9. COMMITTEE REPORTS a. Urban Growth Policy and Water Quality Protection Committee –Pam Thompson, Hank Smith, Linda Guerrero, and Wendy Gordon b. Development Committee –Pam Thompson, Hank Smith, Katie Coyne, and Wendy Gordon c. Air Quality Committee –Mary Ann Neely, Pam Thompson, and Wendy Gordon d. Urban Forestry Committee – Peggy Maceo, Pam Thompson, Linda Guerrero, Mary Ann Neely, and Wendy Gordon e. Drainage Infrastructure and Flood Mitigation Committee –Pam Thompson, Mary Ann Neely, Hank Smith, and Brian Smith i. Report on the Joint Sustainability Committee – Katie Coyne j. Report from Mary Ann Neely on the Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plan Citizen’s Advisory Committee k. Report on the Joint Committee of the Environmental Commission and Parks and Recreation Board – Mary Ann Neely, Peggy Maceo, Linda Guerrero, and Pam Thompson l. Report on the South Central Waterfront Advisory Board – Linda Guerrero m. Zilker Park Working Group – Hank Smith and Mary Ann Neely

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