Call to Order

Call to Order

Reading of the Agenda

Reading of the Agenda

Consent Agenda

CHANGE TO: Approval: B1, C4, C5, C7 - C11, C13 Consent Disapproval: C14 - C29 Postpone: C12

Item C1

Resubdivision with variance: C8-2017-0283.0A - Hayah Subdivision, Resubdivision of Lot 3 Block E, Eubank Acres Section 1: District 7 Location: 11603 Tedford St., Walnut Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: Fayez S. Kazi Agent: Civiltude (Eyad Kasemi) Request: Approval of the resubdivision of an existing lot into a two lot subdivision on 0.5447 acres with a variance from L.D.C. 25-4-175 to allow a flag lot. A valid petition has been filed in opposition to this case. Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Cesar Zavala, 512-974-3404 Development Services Department

Items C2 & C3

2. Resubdivision: C8-2017-0292.0A - Resubdivision of Greens on Cooper Lane; District 2 Location: 7513 Cooper Lane, South Boggy Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: Townbridge Homes, LLC (Aaron Levy) Agent: Thrower Design (Ron Thrower) Request: Resubdivison of 2 lots and 2.25 acres of land into 1 lot. Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Don Perryman, 512-974-2786 Development Services Department

3. Site Plan - Compatibility Waiver: SP-2018-0092C - The Greens on Cooper Lane; District 2 Location: 7601 Cooper Lane, South Boggy Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: Townbridge Homes Agent: Thrower Design (Ron Thrower) Request: Request approval of a waiver to encroach into the 25’ compatibility setback along the east property line. [LDC 25-2-1063] Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Rosemary Avila, 512-974-2784 Development Services Department

Facilitator: Sherri Sirwaitis, 512-974-3057 Attorney: Alecia Mayberry Mosadomi, 512-974-2370 Commission Liaison: Andrew Rivera, 512-974-6508

Item C6

Rezoning: C14-2018-0004 - Braker Office/Condo Park; District 1 Location: 1308 East Braker Lane, Walnut Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: Vu Chung and Sinh Trong Le (Sinh Le) Agent: Impact Design & Architecture Group, Inc. (James N. Fisher) Request: MF-2-CO to GO-MU Staff Rec.: Recommended, with conditions Staff: Heather Chaffin, 512-974-2122 Planning and Zoning Department

Item D


1. Briefing regarding Gentrification and Displacement Briefing and discussion regarding the report, Uprooted: Residential Displacement in Austin’s Gentrifying Neighborhoods and What Can Be Done About It Presenter: Jake Wegmann, Assistant Professor, UT Community and Regional Planning, 512- 471- 0169

Item E


1. Revision of the Austin Land Development Code Discussion and possible action regarding matters related to any proposed revisions to the Land Development Code including but not limited to staff updates, presentations and scheduling. Co- Sponsors: Chair Kiolbassa, Vice-Chair Duncan

Item G


Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee (Commissioners: Breithaupt, Denkler and Greenberg)

Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee (Commissioners: Aguirre, Evans and Lavani)

Small Area Planning Joint Committee (Chair Kiolbassa, Vice-Chair Duncan and Commissioner King)
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