Reading of the Agenda

Reading of the Agenda

Consent Agenda

Consent: A, B, C12, C13, C15, C16, C19, C22, C23, & C26

Postponed: C1 - C8, C10, C11, C14, C17, C18

Discussion: C20, C21

Consent Disapproval: C24, C25

Item C20

Rezoning: C14H-2018-0103 - Philip D. Creer House; District 9 Location: 1605 Gaston Avenue, Shoal Creek Watershed; Windsor Road / Central West Austin Combined NP Area Owner/Applicant: Nicole Kessler, owner Request: SF-3-NP to SF-3-H-NP Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Steve Sadowsky, 512-974-6454 Planning and Zoning Department

Item C21

MUD Consent Agreement Amendment: C12M-2018-0145 - Senna Hills MUD Consent Agreement Amendment; Austin ETJ Location: 10900 Senna Hills Drive, Barton Creek Watershed-Barton Springs Zone Owner/Applicant: Senna Hills Ltd. Agent: Drenner Group (Leah Bojo) Request: Revise the MUD Land Plan to: 1) change two tracts from school and irrigation to office use and 2) update the land use allocation table to reflect the actual built-out conditions. Staff Rec.: Denial of the request to amend the consent agreement as proposed Staff: Virginia Collier, 512-974-2022 Planning and Zoning Department

Item D

BRIEFINGS Briefing regarding Transit Oriented Development Briefing and discussion regarding Transit Oriented Development Staff: Anne Milne, 512-974-2868, Planning and Zoning Department

Additional Item 1

Additional Item

Additional Item 2

Additional Item

Item F

ITEMS FROM COMMISSION 1. Revision of the Austin Land Development Code Discussion regarding matters related to the revision of the City of Austin Land Development Code including but not limited to staff updates, presentations and scheduling. Co-Sponsors: Chair Shieh, Vice-Chair Kazi

Item H

COMMITTEES & WORKING GROUPS UPDATES Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee (Vice-Chair Kazi and Commissioners McGraw, Schissler, and Seeger) Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee (Commissioners Flores, Kenny, Schissler and Shaw) Joint Sustainability Committee (Chair Shieh and Commissioner Seeger) Small Area Planning Joint Committee (Chair Shieh and Commissioners Anderson and Thompson) HLC – Design Guidelines Working Group (Commissioner McGraw) Operating Model Working Group (Chair Shieh, and Commissioners De Hoyos Hart, McGraw and Seeger) Transportation Working Group (Chair Shieh and Commissioners Kenny, Schissler and Thompson)

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