Item I

Pledge of Allegiance

Item II

Safety Briefing

Item III

Oath of Office

Item IV


Item V

Public Comment

Item VI

Advisory Committee Updates: 1. Update on the Customer Satisfaction Advisory Committee (CSAC) 2. Update on the Access Advisory Committee (AAC)

Item VII

Board Committee Update: 1. CAMPO Update

Item VIII 1

Approval of minutes from the December 16, 2019 board meeting.

Item VIII 2

Approval of a resolution recognizing Capital Metro’s One Billionth Customer Trip.

Item VIII 3

Approval of a Proposed FY 2020 Capital Budget Amendment for the purchase of 2 additional Proterra battery electric buses.

Item VIII 4

Approval of a contract with Clever Devices for the purchase of onboard video displays.

Item VIII 5

Approval of a resolution appointing Susan Renshaw, Controller, to the Capital Metro Investment Committee.

Item VIII 6

Approval of updates to certain policies adopted by the Capital Metro Board of Directors

Item VIII 7

Approval of amendments to the Capital Metro Procurement Acquisition Policy.

Item VIII 8

Approval of the implementation of Capital Metro’s FY 2020 Strategic Plan.

Item VIII 9

Approval of a resolution confirming appointments to Capital Metro board committees for 2020

Item VIII 10

Approval of a resolution electing officers of the Capital Metro Board of Directors for 2020

Item IX

Discussion Items 1. Contracted Bus Operations and Maintenance Transition Update

Items X & XII

X. Report 1. President & CEO Update

XII. Adjournment
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