Call to Order

Call to Order

Reading of the Agenda

Reading of the Agenda

Consent Agenda

Approval: A1, B2, B3, B6, B8 - B11

Postponements: B4, B7

Item B1

Rezoning: C14-2019-0155 - 4011 Convict Hill Rezoning; District 8 Location: 4011 Convict Hill Road, Williamson Creek Watershed-Barton Springs Zone Owner/Applicant: Devch, LP (Rick C. Anderson) Agent: LOC Consultants (Sergio Lozano) Request: SF-2 to SF-6 Staff Rec.: Recommendation of SF-5, with conditions Staff: Wendy Rhoades, 512-974-7719, Planning and Zoning Department

Item B5

Rezoning: C14-2019-0165 - 6207 Ross Road; District 2 Location: 6207 Ross Road, Dry Creek East Watershed Owner/Applicant: Webhe Properties (Najib Webhe) Agent: South Llano Strategies (Glen Coleman) Request: SF-4A to LR-MU and MF-4 Staff Rec.: Recommendation of LR-MU and MF-3 Staff: Kate Clark, 512-974-1237, Planning and Zoning Department

Additional Item

Additional Item

Item C2


Housing Displacement Mitigation Strategies Discussion and possible adoption of recommendations to be forwarded to Council regarding Housing Displacement Mitigation Strategies.

Item D1

FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS Future agenda items will not be discussed at the current meeting, but will be offered for initiation, discussion or possible recommendation at a future meeting.

Item E


Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee (Vice-Chair Duncan, Commissioners: Barrera-Ramirez and Denkler)

Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee (Commissioners: Aguirre, Evans and Smith)

Small Area Planning Joint Committee (Commissioners: Aguirre, King and Ray)

Affordable Housing Working Group (Commissioners: Aguirre, King and Tatkow)

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