Call to Order & Item 2

Call Meeting to Order

2. Approval of November 20, 2013 minutes

Item 1

Citizen Communication (3 minutes to speak)

Item 3

Presentation of the Fiscal Year 2013 Accomplishments Report for the Office of the City Auditor which highlights the performance and professional achievements (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 4

Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services (ATCEMS) Inventory Management Audit which evaluated whether ATCEMS management accurately accounts for and properly manages its inventory of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 5

Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) Patron Safety Audit which evaluated if PARD has an effective system to identify, address, and mitigate risks to patron safety (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 6

Health and Human Services Department (HHSD) Contract Monitoring Follow-Up Audit which evaluated the implementation of recommendations related to contract monitoring from three prior HHSD contract monitoring audits (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 8

Presentation of the 2014 Austin Housing Finance Corporation capital budget (Neighborhood Housing and Community Development)

Item 7

The Quarterly Financial Update which summarizes the Fiscal Year 2013 financial status through September 30, 2013 and the Fiscal Year 2014 financial status through December 30, 2013 for the General Fund, Austin Energy, and the Austin Water Utility (Financial Services Department)
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