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Citizen Communication

CITIZEN COMMUNICATION: GENERAL Speakers should sign up to speak prior to the meeting being called to order; you will receive a three-minute allotment to discuss topics not posted on the agenda.

Item 2

APPROVAL OF MINUTES AND ACTION a. Approve the minutes of the regular Environmental Commission meeting of January 15, 2020 (5 minutes)

Item 1A

EDUCATION Night Sky Preservation in Austin and Travis County—Cliff Kaplan, Hill Country Conservancy (15 minutes)

Item 1B

Climate Vulnerability in Austin: A multi-risk assessment—Patrick Bixler, University of Texas LBJ School of Public Affairs (15 minutes)

Item 6A

Name: Xspace Group, SP-2019-0189D Applicant: Garett-Ihnen Civil Engineers Location: 4229 N. FM 620, Austin, TX, 78734 (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) Staff: Jonathan Garner, Environmental Program Coordinator, Development Services Department Watershed: Lake Austin Watershed, Water Supply Rural Classification, Drinking Water Protection Zone Request: Variance request is as follows: 1. Request to vary from LDC 25-8-301 to construct a driveway on slopes in excess of 15 percent gradient 2. Request to vary from LDC 25-8-342 to allow fill in excess of four feet of depth Staff Recommendation: Staff recommends these variances, having determined the findings of fact to have been met. (30 minutes)

Item 6B

Name: Aspen Heights Multifamily Wastewater Service Extension Request #4629 Applicant: Caitlin Kuglen, P.E., Kimley Horn Associates Location: 11210 N FM 620 RD, Austin, TX 78726 (2-Mile Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) Staff: Kaela Champlin, Environmental Officer’s Office Watershed: Lake Travis Watershed, Water Supply Rural & Bull Creek Watershed, Water Supply Suburban, Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, Drinking Water Protection Zone Request: Wastewater Service Extension Request recommendation Staff Recommendation: Staff recommend this request. (30 minutes)

Items 7 & 9

7. COMMITTEE REPORTS a. Urban Growth Policy and Water Quality Protection Committee – Pam Thompson, Kevin Ramberg, Mary Ann Neely, Curtis Smith, and Perry Bedford b. Urban Forestry Committee – Peggy Maceo, Pam Thompson, Linda Guerrero, and Mary Ann Neely c. Report on the Joint Sustainability Committee – Katie Coyne d. Report on the Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plan Citizen’s Advisory Committee – Mary Ann Neely e. Report on the Joint Committee of the Environmental Commission and Parks and Recreation Board – Mary Ann Neely, Peggy Maceo, Linda Guerrero, and Pam Thompson f. Report on the South Central Waterfront Advisory Board – Linda Guerrero g. Other reports from Commissioners

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