Item 1

Comments will be limited to items not on the agenda. Up to ten individuals may sign up to speak -- each of whom must contact the CAMPO office by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, February 13th

Item 2

Presentation by staff of the TxDOT Rail Division of the Austin – Houston Passenger Rail Study

Item 3

Presentation of

1. Amendments to FYs 2011- 2014 TIP, 2. Amendments to CAMPO 2035 Regional Transportation Plan and 3. Draft FYs 2013 – 2016 Transportation Improvement Program

Item 4

Presentation of proposed revisions to the Transportation Improvement Program Administrative Policies

Item 5

Presentation of draft Public Participation Plan

Item 6

Consider and take appropriate action on summary minutes from the January 9, 2012 meeting

Item 7

Consider and take appropriate action on modifications to the current Bylaws and Operating Procedures regarding Citizen Communication at Transportation Policy Board meetings

Item 8

Consider directing staff to prepare minutes of future Transportation Policy Board meetings in accordance with ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER, CHAPTER XV, §48

Item 9

Consider and take appropriate action on use of federal STP MM funds in Bastrop County

Item 10

Consider and take appropriate action on resolution authorizing the Director to negotiate and enter into a planning contract with a consultant for preparation of the Caldwell County Transportation Plan

Items 11-12

11. Reports By

1. Director

2. Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee

3. Chair of Transportation Policy Board 1. Appointments to various CAMPO committees

12. Adjourn
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