Call to Order


Item 1A

NEW BUSINESS (Discussion and Possible Action): Discussion and possible action to evaluate and make recommendations regarding whether The Ullrich Water Treatment Plant , addressed at 1000 Forest View Drive, complies with the Urban Design Guidelines, for the City of Austin. Owen Harrod; Robyn Haasch will be presenting.

Item 3A

Approval of the January 27, 2020 meeting minutes;

Item 3B

Discussion and possible action to reappoint a liaison to the Downtown Commission;

Item 3C

Liaison Reports;

Item 3D

Appointment of Committee/Working Group members by Chair;

Item 4A

Update from Neighborhood Housing and Community Development (NHCD) on the Downtown Density Bonus Program (DDBP) fee calibration at 3/23 meeting.

Item 4B

Briefing from the Austin Transportation Enterprise Parking Division.

Item 4C

Briefing on Functional Green by staff on the functional green requirement for projects over 80% pervious cover per the new section of code.

Item 5A

Chair Announcements;

Item 5B

Items from Commission Members

Items 5C & 7

c. Items from City Staff; Downtown Density Bonus Program Working group session, February 27th 7. ADJOURNMENT
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