Call to Order & Item 1

Call Meeting to Order

Postpone Items 4 & 6

1. Citizen Communication (3 minutes to speak) The Committee may discuss and take action on any of the following items:

Item 2

Approval of February 5, 2014 minutes

Item 3

Presentation of the Windows Active Directory Security Follow-Up Audit which evaluated the implementation of recommendations from the Windows Active Directory Security Audit issued September 2012 (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 5

Presentation of the Homeland Security Funding Optimization Audit which evaluated whether the City is optimizing grant funding related to homeland security purposes (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 7

Presentation of the Annual Pension Update which summarizes Calendar Year 2013 investment returns for the City’s three pension system – Employees’ Retirement System, Police Retirement System, and the Firefighters Relief & retirement Fund (Financial Services Department)

Item 8

Presentation to summarize discussion on tax rate analysis and strategic use of public funds at the January 31, 2014 Joint Subcommittees’ Meeting of the Austin City Council, Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees, and Travis County Commissioners Court (Financial Services Department)

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