Item 1

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes

Item 2

Citizen Communications

Item 3A

Discussion and Approval of the Public Safety Commission Annual Internal Review – Public Safety Commission Members

Item 3B

Vote on September PSC Meeting Date Change – Chair Lauderdale

Item 3C

Overview of Wild Fire Risk and Emergency Preparedness – Chief of Staff Harry Evans

Item 3D

ARIC Privacy Policy Advisory Committee Update – Chief of Staff David Carter

Item 3E

Overview of 2012 Traffic Fatalities and Distracted Driving in Austin – Assistant Chief Patrick Ockletree and Lieutenant Robert Richman

Items 4 - 6

4. Briefings and Updates a. Presentation of APD Staffing Needs related to PERF Study-Assistant Chief Brian Manley

5. Discussion regarding Future Agenda Items

6. Adjournment
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