Call to Order

Call to Order

Reading of the Agenda

Reading of the Agenda

Consent Agenda

Approval: B1, C2 - C5, C7, C8

Consent Disapproval: C11 - C27

Postponement: C6

Item C1

Site Plan - Environmental Variance Only: SP-2016-0607D - Junction Athletic Complex

Location: 8921 West US 290 Highway, Slaughter Creek Watershed-Barton Springs Zone

Owner/Applicant: Lucky 13 Holdings, LLC (Lindsey Rosenthal) Agent: Texas Engineering Solutions (Connor Overby) Request: A variance request to construct in the Water Quality Transition Zone, 13- 2-563; Fill exceeding four feet of depth, 13-7-16(a); Cut exceeding four feet of depth, 13-7-16(b)

Staff Rec.: Recommends approval for construction in the Water Quality Transition Zone, 13-2-563. Not recommend approval for fill exceeding four feet of depth, 13-7-16(a) and cut exceeding four feet of depth, 13- 7-16(b)

Staff: Jonathan Garner, 512-974-1665 Clarissa Davis, 512-974-1423 Development Services Department

Item C9

Rezoning: C14-2018-0135 - West Harbor Marina LLC; District 10

Location: 2503 Westlake Drive, Lake Austin Watershed

Owner/Applicant: West Harbour, LLC

Agent: Permit Partners, LLC (Jennifer Hanlen)

Request: LA and SF-3 to SF-5-CO

Staff Rec.: Recommendation of SF-5

Staff: Scott Grantham, 512-974-3574 Planning and Zoning Department

Item C10

Austin Strategic Mobility Plan: Austin Strategic Mobility Plan

Request: Discuss and consider recommending amendment(s) to the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan by approving the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan.

Staff Rec.: Recommneded

Staff: Annick Beaudet, 512-974-7959, Assistant Director, Austin Transportation Department

Addendum Item D1

NEW BUSINESS Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee Membership Nominate and elect members to be recommended to the Austin City Council for the purpose of serving on the Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee

Item G

COMMITTEE REPORTS Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee (Commissioners: Breithaupt, Denkler) Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee (Commissioners: Aguirre, Evans and Lavani) Small Area Planning Joint Committee (Chair Kiolbassa, Vice-Chair Duncan and Commissioner King)

Item F

FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS Future agenda items will not be discussed at the current meeting, but will be offered for initiation, discussion or possible recommendation at a future meeting.

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