Item 1

Certification of Quorum – Quorum requirement is 11 members

Item 6

Discussion and Approval of February 12, 2018 Meeting Summary

Item 7

Discussion and Approval of TIER 1 Amendments: TxDOT Selected TASA Projects and Brushy Creek Regional Trail Phase V Project

Item 8

Discussion and Approval for CAMPO Executive Director to Begin Negotiation of Audit Services Contract

Item 9

Discussion on Grouped Project Category Eligibility for Transportation Projects

Item 10

Report on Transportation Planning Activities a. Transportation Improvement Program and Regional Transportation Plan Amendment Cycle

Item 4

Report from the Technical Advisory Committee Chair

Items 11 & 12

11. Announcements a. Technical Advisory Committee Meeting – March 26, 2018 b. Transportation Policy Board Meeting – April 9, 2018

12. Adjournment
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