Reading of the Agenda

Reading of the Agenda

Consent Agenda

Consent: C3, C4, C9 - C11, C13

Postponed: C1 & C2, C19

Discussion: C5, C8, C12

Consent Disapproval: C14 - C18

Withdrawn: C7

Postponement Discussion: C6

Item C6

Rezoning: C14H-2015-0008 - Rosewood Courts; District 1 Location: 2001 Rosewood Avenue, Boggy Creek Watershed; Central East Austin NP Area Owner/Applicant: Housing Authority of the City of Austin Request: MF-4-NP to MF-4-H-NP for a portion of the tract Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Steve Sadowsky, 512-974-6454 Planning and Zoning Department

Item C12

Resubdivision: C8-2017-0174.0A - Resubdivision of Lot 2, Woodwillow Addition; District 3 Location: 3409 Willow Springs Road, Blunn Creek Watershed; Greater South River City Combined (St Edward's) NP Area Owner/Applicant: Khabe Lehfed Properties, Inc. (Steve Portnoy) Agent: SEC Solutions LLC (Marco Castaneda) Request: Approve a variance from LDC 25-4-175 to allow a flag lot and the resubdivision of one lot into two lots on 0.375 acres. Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Sylvia Limon, 512-974-2767 Development Services Department

Item C8

Code Amendment: C20-2017-008 - Central Urban Redevelopment (CURE) Combining District Request: Consider an ordinance amending Title 25 of the City Code to change the applicability of the Central Urban Redevelopment combining district (CURE) so that it does not apply east of IH-35. Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Greg Dutton, 512-974-3509 Planning and Zoning Department

Item F1

CodeNEXT Discussion and possible action regarding matters related to CodeNEXT including but not limited to staff updates, presentations and scheduling. (Sponsor: Chair Oliver; Co-Sponsor: Vice-Chair Kazi)

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