Call to Order


Item 2


Comments are limited to topics not on the agenda but that may directly or indirectly affect transportation in the CAMPO geographic area. Up to ten individuals may sign up to speak -- each of whom must contact the CAMPO office by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, March 17th.

Item 1

Executive Session Pursuant to Government Code, Chapter 551, Section 551.074 (Personnel Matters). The Transportation Policy Board will recess to an Executive Session to discuss

a. matters related to the posting of the CAMPO Executive Director position

Item 3

a. On 2035 Plan amendments b. On amendments to FYs 2013 – 2016 TIP c. On FYs 2015 – 2018 TIP

Item 4A

Summary minutes from February 10, 2014

Item 4B

An appointment to fill the unexpired term of Frank Fernandez on the Board of Directors for the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority and accompanying resolution

Item 4C

FTA 5310 Project Selection and accompanying resolution

Item 4D

Transportation Development Credit request for FTA 5310 Projects and accompanying resolution

Item 4E

Board meeting locations for 2014

Item 4F

Revised 2040 revenue forecast for use in developing 2040 Plan scenarios

Item 4G

Request from Bastrop County to transfer additional STP MM awarded project underrun funds, and accompanying resolution.

Item 4H

Amendment 2 to the Unified Planning Work Program and accompanying resolution

Items 4I 1 & 4I 2

Project selection for FYs 2014-2018 funds, including

1) Non-federal match requirements 2) Previous award to Caldwell County of up to $3,303,482 in additional funding

Item 4J

A resolution formalizing the Finance Committee as the entity authorized to make recommendations, after considering input from the Technical Advisory Committee and CAMPO staff, to the Transportation Policy Board on all decisions related to the allocation of state and federal funding to transportation related projects.

Item 4I 3

Allocation of funds to local governments

Item 5

Report from the CAMPO Interim Director

Item 6

Report from the Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee

Items 7 & 8

7. Report from the Chair of the Transportation Policy Board

8. Adjourn
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