Item 1

CALL TO ORDER (4:00pm)

APPROVAL OF MINUTES (4:00pm-4:05pm)

Item 2

CITIZEN COMMUNICATION (4:05pm-4:20pm) The first five speakers signed up prior to the Call to Order will each be allowed a three-minute allotment ot address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda.

Item 3

Items for Presentations, Discussion, and Possible Action:

Update on developments regarding sexual assaults investigations audit contract (4:20pm-4:35pm) Sponsored by Commissioners Rebecca Gonzales and Rebecca Bernhardt Speakers: Rey Arellano, Assistant City Manager Joe Silva, City Manager’s Office

Item 4

Six month update on Council-mandated wildfire readiness metrics and updated timeline for adoption of WUI code (4:35pm-4:40pm) Ordered by Council Resolution 20160512-016 (adopted May 12, 2016)

Item 5

Election of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Parliamentarian for May 2019-April 2020 term (4:40pm-4:45pm)

Item 6

Budget Presentations from Austin Police Department, Austin Fire Department, and Austin Travis County Emergency Medical Services (4:45pm –5:45pm) Sponsored by Commissioners Rebecca Webber and Ed Scruggs Each presentation to include: (a) public safety fee waivers last budget cycle (b) projected fee waivers for upcoming budget (c) hotel occupancy tax applied to public safety costs last budget cycle (d) projected available HOT for upcoming budget Detailed budget information requested regarding: ATCEMS: ET3 program AFD: new fire stations APD: victims’ services Speakers: Jasper Brown, Chief of Staff, Austin Travis County Emergency Medical Services Robert Vires, Chief of Staff, Austin Fire Department Troy Gay, Chief of Staff, Austin Police Department

Item 7

Future Agenda Items (5:45pm-6:00pm)

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