Reading of the Agenda

Reading of the Agenda

Consent Agenda

Consent: B1, C7, C8

Postponed: C1 - C3, C6, C9

Discussion: C4 & C5

Consent Disapproval: C10 - C12

Item C4

Rezoning: C14-2018-0140 - Norwood Park; District 1 Location: 916 and 918 Norwood Park Boulevard, Little Walnut Creek and Buttermilk Branch Watersheds; Heritage Hills/Windsor Hills Combined NP Area (Heritage Hills)

Owner/Applicant: Xchnge-Facilities (Robert Doherty)

Agent: Costello, Inc. (Steven Buffum)

Request: GR-NP to GR-MU-NP

Staff Rec.: Recommendation of GR-MU-CO-NP

Staff: Heather Chaffin, 512-974-2122 Planning and Zoning Department

Item C5

Rezoning: C14-2018-0149 - MLK Rezoning; District 1 Location: 3300 and 3302 East Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Tannehill Branch Watershed; East MLK Combined NP Area Owner/Applicant: Deborah Boatner Agent: Hector Avila Request: SF-3-NP to SF-5-CO-NP, as amended Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Heather Chaffin, 512-974-2122 Planning and Zoning Department

Item D1

Budget 2020

Discussion and possible action to provide recommendations regarding the 2020 Budget. Staff: Diane Siler, Budget Office, 512-974-2704.

Item D2

Dougherty Arts Center

Discuss and consider a recommendation regarding the proposed Dougherty Arts Center redevelopment site at Butler Shores Park. Staff: Kevin Johnson, Project Manager, Parks and Recreation Department, 512-974-9506.

Item E1


Initiate Rezoning of 1119 East 11th Street Discuss and consider to initiate a rezoning of the property located at 1119 East 11th Street to remove historic landmark (H) district zoning. Co-Sponsors: Commissioners Thompson and Anderson

Item F1


Election of Officers Election of Planning Commission Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Parliamentarian.

Item G


Future agenda items will not be discussed at the current meeting, but will be offered for initiation, discussion or possible recommendation at a future meeting.

Item H


Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee (Vice-Chair Kazi and Commissioners McGraw, Schissler, and Seeger)

Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee (Commissioners Flores, Kenny, Schissler and Shaw)

Joint Sustainability Committee (Commissioners Schneider and Seeger)

Small Area Planning Joint Committee (Chair Shieh and Commissioners Anderson, Howard and Thompson)

South Central Waterfront Advisory Board (Commissioner Schissler)

HLC – Design Guidelines Working Group (Commissioner McGraw)

Operating Model Working Group (Chair Shieh, and Commissioners McGraw and Seeger)

Transportation Working Group (Chair Shieh and Commissioners Kenny, Schissler and Thompson)

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