Reading of the Agenda

Reading of the Agenda

Consent Agenda

Postponement Items: C8, C9 & C13

Consent Items: B, C1 - C4, & C6, C7 & C10 - C12 & C14

Item C5


Rezoning: C14H-2016-0005 - William F. and Eleanor Warren House; District 9 Location: 1502 Hardouin Avenue, Shoal Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: Richard G.and Laura Key, owners Request: SF-3-NP to SF-3-H-NP Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Steve Sadowsky, 512-974-6454, Planning and Zoning Department

Item C15

Final Plat-VARIANCE ONLY: C8-2015-0227.0A - 1023 Springdale Subdivision; District 3 Location: 1023 Springdale Road, Boggy Creek Watershed; MLK NPA Owner/Applicant: 1023 Holdings, LLC (Daryl Kunik) Agent: 1023 Holdings, LLC (Daryl Kunik) Request: The applicant requests a variance from LDC Section 25-4- 151 which requires that streets of a new subdivision shall be aligned with and connect to streets on adjoining property. The applicant proposes to not connect Don Ann street into the subdivision. Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Don Perryman, 512-974-2786 Development Services Department

Item D


Informative briefing regarding the current state of the South Waterfront Master Plan Staff: Alan Holt, 512-974-2716; Elizabeth Smith 974-2856 Planning and Zoning Department

Item E2


Discussion on Planning Commission review of future CodeNEXT work products and CodeNEXT updates to Planning Commission. (Chair Stephen Oliver, Commisisoner Nuria Zaragosa)

Items E3 & E4

3. Discussion and possible action on amending the Planning Commission Bylaws and forward to Audit and Finance for approval.

4. Discussion and possible action on amending the Planning Commission Rules of Procedure.

Item E5

Nomination and election of Chair, Vice – Chair, Secretary and Parliamentarian of the Planning Commission.

Items G & H


Committee on Codes and Ordinances

Committee on the Comprehensive Plan

Land Development Code Advisory Group

Small Area Planning Joint Committee

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