Call to Order

Call to Order

Item 1

CITIZEN COMMENTS Comments are limited to topics not on the agenda but that may directly or indirectly affect transportation in the CAMPO geographic area. Up to ten individuals may sign up to speak -- each of whom must contact the CAMPO office by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, April 14th.

Items 2 & 3

PRESENTATIONS AND REPORTS (PUBLIC COMMENT) 2. Report from the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority 3. Presentation on the TxDOT NEPA Assignment Program

Item 4

ACTION ITEMS (PUBLIC COMMENT) Consider and take appropriate action on: a. Summary minutes from the March 17, 2014 meeting b. Endorsing the scenario development process for 2040 Plan development c. Endorsing the comprehensive project list for use in 2040 Plan scenario development d. Request for pedestrian waivers for FM 110 and Robert S. Light Blvd.

Items 5 & 6

ACTION ITEMS (NO PUBLIC COMMENT) 5. Consider and take appropriate action on CAMPO’s a. Requested amendments to the CAMPO 2035 Regional Transportation Plan and accompanying resolution b. Requested amendments to FYs 2013 – 2016 Transportation Improvement Program and accompanying resolution c. New FYs 2015 – 2018 Transportation Improvement Program and accompanying resolution DISCUSSION ITEMS (PUBLIC COMMENT) 6. Discussion of the Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) initiative by the University of Texas Center for Transportation Research (no background material provided)

Items 7 - 10

PRESENTATIONS AND REPORTS (NO PUBLIC COMMENT) 7. Report from the CAMPO Director a. Air Quality – ozone season, Clean Air Excellence Award b. Project Selection Process c. Commute Solutions was nominated by the Heart of Texas Chapter of Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) for the 2013 Innovative Transportation Solutions Award 8. Report from the Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee 9. Report from the Chair of the Transportation Policy Board 10. Adjourn
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