Item 1

Review and approval of minutes for the committee meeting held Tuesday, March 20th, 2012.

Item 2

Citizen Communications.

Item 3

Deer in Northwest Austin - Observations and Recommendations (Robin Abbott, Deer Austin; Teresa Ferguson, Deer Austin).

Item 4

Update on Intentional Feeding of Deer Ordinance, and take appropriate action (David Lopez, Chief Sanitarian, HHSD; Joe Staudt, Program Supervisor, HHSD).

Item 5

Status Report on new Animal Shelter and Implementation Plan to Reduce Animal Intake and Increase Live Animal Outcomes, and take appropriate action (Abigail Smith, Chief Animal Services Officer).

Item 6

UHNA Disabled Group Home Task Force Update on discussions regarding implementation of the House Bill 216 State Law Model Standards and take appropriate action. (Joan Bartz, Task Force Chair).

Item 7

Minorities for Equality in Education, Employment, Liberty & Justice Inc. (MEEELJ) and take appropriate action. (Latreese Cooke, Executive Director, MEEELJ).
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