Call to Order


Item 1

APPROVAL OF MINUTES a. March 27, 2019 meeting of the Joint Sustainability Committee

Item 3A

Chair and Vice Chair Elections (Discussion and/or possible action)

Items 3B & 4A

3B. Public engagement for the Revision of the Community Climate Plan (Discussion and/or possible action)

4A. Working group updates and potential creation of new working groups: three standing working groups on the Phase 1 Actions of the Austin Community Climate Plan (Electricity and Natural Gas, Transportation and Land Use, Materials and Waste Management), budget working group, and carbon impact statement. (Discussion and/or possible action)

Item 3C

New Cap Metro Discount Pilot Program (Discussion and/or possible action)

Item 3D

Budget recommendations due on May 3rd (Discussion and/or possible action)

Item 4B

Commission members report back on any relevant discussions from their respective boards and commissions (Discussion and/or possible action)

Item 5

FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS Zebra mussels, water quality and climate change Atlas 14 – Watershed Protection ADJOURNMENT
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