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Item 8A

Name: Water Control and Improvement District No. 20, Application for City Consent to Annexation (C12M-2019-0001) Applicant: Terrance Irion, representing John and Joni Ballis, property owners Location: Approximately 2.309 acres located at 1111 N Weston Lane in the Austin extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) in western Travis County, Texas. Staff: Virginia Collier, Planning and Zoning Department and Atha Phillips, Watershed Protection Department Watershed: Lake Austin Request: Consider application requesting City consent to the annexation of approximately 2.309 acres located at 1111 N Weston Lane into Travis County Water Control and Improvement District No. 20 (C12M-2019-0001) and make a recommendation to Council on the request. Staff Recommendation: Staff recommends consent to the proposed annexation into Travis County Water Control and Improvement District No. 20. Reasons for Recommendation: Annexation into the District will not affect the City of Austin’s annexation plans and staff does not anticipate any negative land use impacts on adjacent property. Staff has determined that the property requesting City consent to annexation into WCID 20 is outside of Austin Water’s (AW) impact fee boundary. For AW to serve this property, a waiver to the LDC 25-9-3 would be required. The code states the City may not provide water or wastewater service outside the service area of the Austin Water Utility unless the council by ordinance waives the prohibition. Additionally, water and wastewater services are approximately 2 miles away from the property. Finally, regulations for development will follow the same rules and processes currently in effect if the District annexes the tract. (30 minutes)

Item 8B

Name: Turner’s Crossing Preliminary Plan C8J-2018-0091 Applicant: Rob Smith, P.E. and Josh Miksch, P.E., Kimley-Horn Location: East of North Turnersville Rd., between FM 1327 and Turnersville Rd., Austin, Travis County, TX (2-mile Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) Staff: Jonathan Garner, Environmental Review Program Coordinator, Development Services Department Watershed: Rinard Creek Watershed, Suburban Classification, Desired Development Zone Request: Request to vary from LDC 30-5-341 for cut to exceed not more than 14.7 feet of depth and LDC 30-5-342 for fill to exceed not more than 14.9 feet of depth Staff Recommendation: Staff recommends these variances, having determined the findings of fact to have been met. (30 minutes)

Item 3

EDUCATION a. Waller Creek Conservancy Project Update—Melissa Ayala and Peter Mullan, Waller Creek Conservancy and Kristin Kasper Pipkin, Redevelopment Project Manager, Watershed Protection Department (30 mins)

Item 4

APPROVAL OF MINUTES AND ACTION a. Approve the minutes of the regular Environmental Commission meeting of April 17, 2019 (5 minutes)

Item 6

STAFF BRIEFINGS* a. Status update on erosion concerns for Country Club Creek in Roy G. Guerrero Park—Janna Renfro, Engineer C, Watershed Protection Department (30 minutes)

Item 7

ITEMS FOR CONSIDERATION AND POSSIBLE ACTION a. Consider Watershed Protection Department’s FY 20 Financial Forecast—Anupa Gharpurey, Financial Manager III, Watershed Protection Department (30 minutes)

Items 9 & 11

9. COMMITTEE REPORTS a. Urban Growth Policy and Water Quality Protection Committee –Pam Thompson, Linda Guerrero, and Wendy Gordon b. Development Committee –Pam Thompson and Wendy Gordon c. Air Quality Committee –Mary Ann Neely, Pam Thompson, and Wendy Gordon d. Urban Forestry Committee – Peggy Maceo, Pam Thompson, Linda Guerrero, Mary Ann Neely, and Wendy Gordon e. Drainage Infrastructure and Flood Mitigation Committee –Pam Thompson, Mary Ann Neely, and Brian Smith i. Report on the Joint Sustainability Committee – Katie Coyne j. Report on the Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plan Citizen’s Advisory Committee – Mary Ann Neely k. Report on the Joint Committee of the Environmental Commission and Parks and Recreation Board – Mary Ann Neely, Peggy Maceo, Linda Guerrero, and Pam Thompson l. Report on the South Central Waterfront Advisory Board – Linda Guerrero m. Report on the Zilker Park Working Group – Mary Ann Neely n. Other reports from Commissioners

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