Items 1 & 2

Call to Order – 4:00pm 1. Approval of Minutes (4:00 pm – 4:05 pm)

2. Citizen Communications (4:05 pm – 4:20 pm) a. Citizens wishing to speak on agenda and non agenda related items will need to sign up ten minutes before the meeting is called to order. Non agenda related citizen communications will be discussed during this period and will be limited to the first 5 speakers. Citizen Communications on agenda related items will be allowed after an item’s presentation has been made. Each citizen communicator will be given 3 minutes to speak.

Item 3B

Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Departmental Budget Presentation by Austin Fire Department – Chief of Staff Harry Evans

Item 3C

EMS Issues Related to Civil Service Changes, Vacancy Rates, EMS Core City Station Expansion, Travis County Participation and Fire Department Coordination – Chief of Staff James Shamard
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