Item 1

Certification of Quorum – Quorum requirement is 11 members

Item 4

Report from the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Chair

The Chair of the TAC will provide an overview of TAC discussion items and recommendations to the Transportation Policy Board.

Item 6

Discussion and Approval of April 8, 2019 Meeting Summary

Item 7

Discussion and Approval of CAMPO Appointment to Capital Metro Board

Item 8

Discussion and Action on Mobility35 Capital Express, RM 620 & Anderson Mill, and 183A Frontage Roads Projects

Item 9

Status Update on Capital Metro’s Project Connect

Item 10

Presentation of Draft 2020-2021 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

Item 11

Presentation of Luling Transportation Study

Item 12

Discussion on Transportation Development Credit (TDC) Applications for FY 2018 Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5310 Funding Awards

Item 13

Executive Director’s Report on Transportation Planning Activities

Items 14 & 15

14. Announcements a. Next Transportation Policy Board Meeting – June 10, 2019 b. Next Technical Advisory Committee Meeting – May 20, 2019

15. Adjournment
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