Call to Order


Additional Item

Additional Item

Item 1

APPROVAL OF MINUTES Consider approval of the minutes from the Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities April 12, 2019, Regular Meeting.

Item 2

CITIZEN COMMUNICATION: Each speaker signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will be called in order of sign-up and will be allowed three minutes to speak about items posted or not on the agenda.

Item 3A

Discussion/Update on recommendations for The City of Austin 2020 Budget and next steps (Advocacy) – Vice-chair Gandy, Full Committee

Item 3B

Discussion and possible action to confirm members of Disability Employment Award working Group – Chair Franks, vice-chair Gandy

Item 3C

Discussion and possible action to establish frequency of reports regarding the Joint Inclusion Committee – Commissioner Trejo, vice-chair Gandy

Item 3D

Discussion and possible action regarding MCPD support for the Joint Inclusion Committee Resolution – Commissioner Masey, Commissioner Orlowski

Item 3E

Discussion of access to legal representation for low-income persons with disabilities – commissioner Gidseg, commissioner Kearns-Osterweil

Item 3F

Discussion of remote access to City Council meetings – commissioner Orlowski, commissioner Kearns-Osterweil

Item 3G

Discussion of recommendation regarding Equity Office increasing response to disability issues – Commissioner Orlowski, commissioner Gidseg

Item 4

COMMISSIONER BRIEFINGS Report on April meeting of the Joint Inclusion Committee by Commissioner Orlowski and Commissioner Gidseg

Item 5

STAFF BRIEFING Report on the City of Austin ADA Program Office by David Ondich, ADA Program Administrator

Items 7 & 8

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