Item 1



Comments are limited to topics not on the agenda but that may directly or indirectly affect transportation in the CAMPO geographic area. Up to ten individuals may sign up to speak -- each of whom must contact the CAMPO office by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, May 14th.

Item 2


Presentation and Public Hearing on Proposed amendments to the A. FYs 2011 – 2014 Transportation Improvement Program; and B. FYs 2013 – 2016 Transportation Improvement Program

Item 3

Consider and take appropriate action on summary minutes from the April 9, 2012 meeting

Item 4

Consider and take appropriate action on Proposition 12 Funds Transfer Request for FM 685 from TxDOT and accompanying resolution

Item 5

Consider and take appropriate action on remaining CAMPO Proposition 12 Funds and accompanying resolution

Item 6

Consider and take appropriate action on activating a contract extension for the Commute Solutions public outreach consultant (TKO Advertising), authorizing the Director to negotiate and execute the supplemental agreement and the accompanying resolution

Item 7

Consider and take appropriate action on projects Proposed for Funding under Federal Transit Administration Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC)/New Freedom Programs in the Austin Urbanized Area and accompanying resolution

Item 8

Presentation and Discussion on DRAFT FY 2013 Unified Planning Work Program

Item 9

Reports by A. CAMPO Director i. Bicycle and pedestrian accommodations on several projects recently added to the CAMPO 2035 Plan ii. Upcoming Federal Certification Review iii. Announce Model update Presentation by CAMPO staff a. 4-step model b. Demographic allocation tool B. Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee C. Chair of Transportation Policy Board

Items 10 & 11

10. Executive Session: Discuss legal issues relating to the financing of transportation projects in the CAMPO region and potential negotiation with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, as authorized by Texas Government Code §551.071 (Consultation With Attorney)

11. Adjourn
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