Call to Order

Call to Order

Reading of the Agenda

Reading of the Agenda

Consent Agenda

Approval: B1, C2, C6 - C8

Disapproval: C9 - C14

Postponements: C1, C4

Item C3

Rezoning: C14-2018-0048 - The Avalon N Holdings, LLC; District 5

Location: 9606 Swansons Ranch Road, Slaughter Creek Watershed

Owner/Applicant: The Avalon N Holdings, LLC (John L. Sanchez)

Agent: Moncada Enterprises, LLC (Phil Moncada)

Request: SF-2 to CS, as amended

Staff Rec.: Recommendation of LO-MU

Staff: Wendy Rhoades, 512-974-7719 Planning and Zoning Department

Item C5

Rezoning: C14-2019-0067 - Lucy Read Pre-Kindergarten School; District 7

Location: 2608 Richcreek Road, Shoal Creek Watershed

Owner/Applicant: Austin Independent School District

Agent: Drenner Group (Leah Bojo)

Request: SF2 to GO-CO, as amended

Staff Rec.: Recommendation of GO-MU-CO

Staff: Kate Clark, 512-974-1237 Planning and Zoning Department

Item D


1. 2020 Budget Recommendation Discussion and possible action regarding the Zoning and Platting Commission’s 2020 Budget Recommendation

Item E1


Revision of the Austin Land Development Code Discussion and possible action regarding matters related to any proposed revisions to the Land Development Code including but not limited to staff updates, presentations and scheduling. Co-Sponsors: Chair Kiolbassa, Vice-Chair Duncan

Item E2

Site Development Regulations for Mobile Home Parks. Discuss and consider an ordinance amending Title 25 of the City Code to allow recreational vehicles in mobile home parks.Co-Sponsors: Commissioner Tatkow, Chair Kiolbassa

Item F

FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS Future agenda items will not be discussed at the current meeting, but will be offered for initiation, discussion or possible recommendation at a future meeting.

Item G

COMMITTEE REPORTS Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee (Vice-Chair Duncan, Commissioners: Barrera-Ramirez and Denkler)

Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee (Commissioners: Aguirre, Evans and Smith)

Small Area Planning Joint Committee (Chair Kiolbassa, Commissioners: Aguirre and King)
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