Item I

Pledge of Allegiance

Item II

Safety Briefing

Item III

Public Comment

Item IV

Advisory Committee Updates: 1. Customer Satisfaction Advisory Committee (CSAC) 2. Access Advisory Committee (AAC)

Item V

Board Committee Updates: 1. Operations, Planning and Safety Committee 2. Finance, Audit and Administration Committee; and 3. CAMPO

Consent Agenda

Consent Items: 1. Approval of Minutes for the April 12, 2017 Public Hearing and April 24, 2017 Board Meeting. 2. Approval of a resolution terminating the supplement to the Interlocal Agreement with Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS) for Route 271. 3. Approval of a new Interlocal Agreement with Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS) for the provision of Route 271. 4. Approval of a contract with Netronix Integration, Inc. for upgrades to the security access control system.

Item VII 1

Approval of an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Austin in order to design, build, operate and maintain the Downtown Rail Station.

Item VII 2

Approval of a contract with HNTB Corporation for General Planning Consultant (GPC) services.

Item VII 3

Approval of an amendment to the Capital Metro Procurement Acquisition Policy updating the policy for disposing of Capital Metro surplus and obsolete property.

Item VII 4

Approval of the FY2018 Strategic Plan.

Item VII 5

Approval of a resolution directing staff to develop a plan in coordination with the City of Austin to further the goal of environmentally sustainable transportation solutions and demonstrate support for shared, innovative and autonomous mobility strategies.


Presentations: 1. Metro Art Committee

Item IX 1

Reports: Quarterly Planning/Ridership Report

Item IX 2

Reports: Quarterly Financial Report

Items IX 3 - XI

Reports: 3. President/CEO Updates

X. Items for Future Discussion:

XI. Adjournment
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