Items 1 & 2

Call Meeting to Order 1. Citizen Communication (3 minutes to speak) 2. Approval of April 23, 2014 Minutes

Items 9 - 11

9. Proposed bylaw amendments for the Parks and Recreation Board to establish a Concessions and Contract Committee (Office of the City Clerk) 10. Proposed bylaw amendments for the Ethics Review Commission to update the bylaws to be consistent with City Code (Office of the City Clerk) 11. Proposed bylaw amendments for the Urban Transportation Commission relating to communication with the Pedestrian Advisory Council and Bicycle Council (Office of the City Clerk)

Item 3

The City’s response after identifying a payroll issue resulting in overpayment of an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) employee (Human Resources Department and EMS)

Item 5

Austin Fire Department (AFD) Planning Process Audit, which determined whether AFD has adequate processes in place to plan for growth and whether AFD is implementing the results of that planning (Office of the City Auditor)

Items 7 & 8

7. Progress update on Council Resolutions 20120405-047 and 20121213-064, which directed the City Manager to investigate and implement enhancements to the Small Business Development Program and four initiatives to assist local small businesses (Economic Development Department) 8. The Quarterly Financial Update which summarizes the Fiscal Year 2014 financial status through March 31, 2014 for the General Fund, Austin Energy, and the Austin Water Utility (Financial Services Department)

Item 6

History, current status, and master development financing components of the Seaholm Power Plant redevelopment project (Economic Development Department)

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