Call to Order


Item 2

CITIZEN COMMUNICATION: GENERAL Speakers should sign up to speak prior to the meeting being called to order; you will receive a three-minute allotment to discuss topics not posted on the agenda.

Item 3

EDUCATION a. Update on Kinder-Morgan Pipeline from Texas Real Estate Advocacy and Defense Coalition (TREAD Coalition)—Sean Haynes, Executive Director of TREAD Coalition, Mary Stone, Vice-Chair of TREAD Coalition, and David Braun, Legal Council for TREAD Coalition, Braun and Gresham Attorneys at Law (10 mins)

Item 4

APPROVAL OF MINUTES AND ACTION a. Approve the minutes of the regular Environmental Commission meeting of May 15, 2019 (5 minutes)

Item 6A

STAFF BRIEFINGS* Update on regional air quality plan, City of Austin funding for regional air quality program, and ozone season outreach plans— Phoebe Romero, Environmental Program Coordinator, Office of Sustainability and Andrew Hoekzema, Interim Director of Regional Planning and Services, Capital Area Council of Governments (30 minutes)

Item 6B

Update on the the Austin Community Climate Plan—Zach Baumer, Climate Program Manager, Office of Sustainability (30 minutes)

Item 6C

Update on Lower Shoal Creek Slope Failure – Mike Kelly, Managing Engineer, Watershed Protection Department (30 minutes)

Item 7

ITEMS FOR CONSIDERATION AND POSSIBLE ACTION a. Update on the Sawyer-Cleveland discharge permit to Barton Creek, Abel Porras, Engineer C, Watershed Protection Department (20 minutes)

Item 9

COMMITTEE REPORTS a. Urban Growth Policy and Water Quality Protection Committee –Pam Thompson, Linda Guerrero, and Wendy Gordon b. Development Committee –Pam Thompson and Wendy Gordon c. Air Quality Committee –Mary Ann Neely, Pam Thompson, and Wendy Gordon d. Urban Forestry Committee – Peggy Maceo, Pam Thompson, Linda Guerrero, Mary Ann Neely, and Wendy Gordon e. Drainage Infrastructure and Flood Mitigation Committee –Pam Thompson, Mary Ann Neely, and Brian Smith i. Report on the Joint Sustainability Committee – Katie Coyne j. Report on the Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plan Citizen’s Advisory Committee – Mary Ann Neely k. Report on the Joint Committee of the Environmental Commission and Parks and Recreation Board – Mary Ann Neely, Peggy Maceo, Linda Guerrero, and Pam Thompson l. Report on the South Central Waterfront Advisory Board – Linda Guerrero m. Report on the Zilker Park Working Group – Mary Ann Neely n. Other reports from Commissioners

Items 10 & 11

10. NEW BUSINESS – Future agenda items a. None 11. ADJOURNMENT
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