Item A

CITIZEN COMMUNICATION The first four (4) speakers signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will each be allowed a three-minute allotment to address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda.

Item B

DISCUSSION AND REQUESTED ACTION ITEMS B-1 Staff requests approval of May 13, 2019 draft minutes B-2 Staff and Applicant requests for postponement and withdraw of items posted on this Agenda

Item I1


C15-2019-0030 Jason Asbury for Homex Partners 1128 & 1130 Lott Avenue The applicant has requested variance(s) to Section 25-2-492 (Site Development Regulations) (D) to increase the Impervious Cover from 45% (required) to 50% (requested) in order to complete a Duplex in a “SF-3-NP”, Single-Family Residence zoning district. (MLK-183 Neighborhood Plan)

Item I2

C15-2019-0033 Emily Jones for Bryan Cumby 3219 Manor Road

The applicant is requesting a variance(s) from the maximum allowable Compatibility Height requirements of Article 10, Compatibility Standards, Division 2 –Development Standards, Section 25-2-1063 (C) (2) and (3) (Height Limitations and Setbacks for Large Sites) in order to construct a 60 foot Multi-Family use in a “CS-V-CO-NP”, General Commercial Services – Vertical Mixed Use – Conditional Overlay –Neighborhood Plan zoning district. (MLK Neighborhood Plan) a. The Land Development Code Section 25-2-1063 (C) (2) allows a height limit of three stories or 40 feet, if the structure is more than 50 feet and not more than 100 feet from property (a) in an "SF-5" or more restrictive zoning district, or (b) on which a use permitted in an "SF-5" or more restrictive zoning district is located. b. The Land Development Code Section 25-2-1063 (C) (3) allows a height limit for a structure more than 100 feet but not more than 300 feet from property zoned "SF-5" or more restrictive, 40 feet plus one foot for each 10 feet of distance in excess of 100 feet from the property zoned "SF-5" or more restrictive. Note: This variance will allow for a uniform height of 60 ft. for the entire project. 60 ft. is currently allowed in portions of the project and graduating down to 40 ft. in other portions of the project.

Item Q1

VARIANCE RECONSIDERATIONS Q-1 C15-2019-0027 Bryan Lym for Barbara Stevens, Daughters of the Republic of Texas 810 ½ San Marcos Street The applicant has requested variance(s) to Ordinance 010607-23, Part 3 to increase the height from 40 feet (required, permitted) to 50 feet (requested) in order to construct a cultural center – the Republic of Texas History Museum - in an “GR - MU - CO - NCCD - NP”, Community Commercial – Mixed Use – Conditional Overlay - Neighborhood Conservation Combining District-Neighborhood Plan zoning district. (11th Street)

Item S1


Discussion of the May 13, 2019 Board activity report

Items S3 & S4

S-3 DSD Staff presentation/update of BOA-DSD webpage and map.

S-4 DSD Staff presentation/update -DSD has made on the project to post residential plan review administrative memos to DSD website

Item S5

Discussion and possible action regarding the Board’s Annual Internal Review Report to Council

Item S6

Discussion and possible action regarding Workgroups Update: Transportation Criteria/Code Recommendations Workgroup

Items S8 & T

S-8 Discussion of future agenda new business items, staff requests and potential special called meeting and/or workshop requests

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