Call to Order


Item 2

CITIZEN COMMUNICATION: GENERAL Speakers should sign up to speak prior to the meeting being called to order; you will receive a three-minute allotment to discuss topics not posted on the agenda.

Item 3

EDUCATION a. Update from Save Barton Creek Association—Angela Richter, Executive Director, Save Barton Creek Association (10 mins)

Item 4

APPROVAL OF MINUTES AND ACTION a. Approve the minutes of the regular Environmental Commission meeting of June 19, 2019 (5 minutes)

Item 6A


Update on Emma Long Metropolitan Park bulkhead and shoreline restoration—Andrew Clamann, Environmental Scientist Senior, Watershed Protection Department (20 minutes)

Item 6B

Update on outreach and land management plans for Lower Onion Creek Area—Leah Gibson, Field Operations Division, Watershed Protection Department (30 minutes)

Item 7

ITEMS FOR CONSIDERATION AND POSSIBLE ACTION a. Discuss and consider Walter E. Long Master Plan—Ricardo Soliz, Park Planning Division Manager, Austin Parks and Recreation Department (1 hour)

Item 8

PUBLIC HEARINGS AND POSSIBLE ACTION a. Name: Rolling Hills West Sewer LLC Wastewater Service Extension Request #4126 Applicant: Rolling Hills West Sewer LLC (Jason Baze, PE) Location: 1100, 1101, 1102, 1200, 1201, 1205, 1206, 1208, 1209, and 1300 Silver Hill Drive; 3600, 3601, 3603, 3605, 3608, and 3610 Silver Hill Circle; 3608, 3609, 3610, 3612, 3614, 3700, and 3701 Moon River Road; 1201, 1202, 1300, 1302, 1303, and 1304 Pasaguarda Drive; and 1303 Constant Springs Drive, Austin, Texas Staff: Kaela Champlin, Program Coordinator, Watershed Protection Department Watershed: Eanes Creek Watershed (Water Supply Suburban) Drinking Water Protection Zone Request: Review and consider for recommendation Wastewater Service Extension Request #4126 Staff Recommendation: Staff recommends approval Reasons for Recommendation: Watershed Protection Department staff recommends approval of SER as the proposed extension could solve potential environmental problems associated with the existing on-site sewage facilities and would not facilitate increased development intensity in the area. (30 minutes)

Item 9

COMMITTEE REPORTS a. Urban Growth Policy and Water Quality Protection Committee –Pam Thompson, Linda Guerrero, and Wendy Gordon b. Development Committee –Pam Thompson and Wendy Gordon c. Air Quality Committee –Mary Ann Neely, Pam Thompson, and Wendy Gordon d. Urban Forestry Committee – Peggy Maceo, Pam Thompson, Linda Guerrero, Mary Ann Neely, and Wendy Gordon e. Drainage Infrastructure and Flood Mitigation Committee –Pam Thompson, Mary Ann Neely, and Brian Smith i. Report on the Joint Sustainability Committee – Katie Coyne j. Report on the Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plan Citizen’s Advisory Committee – Mary Ann Neely k. Report on the Joint Committee of the Environmental Commission and Parks and Recreation Board – Mary Ann Neely, Peggy Maceo, Linda Guerrero, and Pam Thompson l. Report on the South Central Waterfront Advisory Board – Linda Guerrero m. Report on the Zilker Park Working Group – Mary Ann Neely n. Other reports from Commissioners

Items 10 & 11

10. NEW BUSINESS – Future agenda items a. None

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