Call to Order


Item 1

APPROVAL OF MINUTES Consider approval of the minutes from the Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities July 12, 2019, Regular Meeting.

Item 2

CITIZEN COMMUNICATION Each speaker signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will be called in order of sign-up and will be allowed three minutes to speak about items posted or not on the agenda

Item 5A

5. STAFF BRIEFING Presentation by Assistant Chief Newsom regarding how enforcement efforts have changed related to the Homeless Ordinance, and what people can do if they encounter a situation that they are not able to resolve on their own.

Item 5B

Discussion of Homeless Ordinance by Kristi Samilpa, City of Austin Homeless Strategy Office.

Item 3D

Presentation by Vince Morvillo on how AIRA can be used as a tool for blind and visually impaired travelers at municipal airports – Chair Franks and Vice-chair Gandy

Item 3A

NEW BUSINESS Discussion and possible action regarding Austin businesses failing to provide shopping assistance to customers with disabilities. Consider recommendation of an ordinance – Chair Franks and Full Committee

Item 3B

Discussion of Employment Awards update – Vice-chair Gandy and Full Committee

Item 3C

Update on COA 2020 budget recommendations – Vice-chair Gandy, and Full Committee

Item 4

Report on meetings/activities of the Joint Inclusion Committee by Commissioners Orlowski and Gidseg

Item 5C

Report on the City of Austin ADA Program Office by David Ondich, ADA Program Administrator

Item 7


Items 6 & 8


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