Item 2

Approval of June 25, 2014 and July 1, 2014 Minutes

Item 10

Progress update on Council Resolutions 20120405-047 and 20121213-064, which directed the City Manager to investigate and implement enhancements to the Small Business Development Program and four initiatives to assist local small businesses (Economic Development Department)

Item 3

Office of the City Auditor’s Proposed Fiscal Year 2015 Budget (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 4

Neighborhood Housing and Community Development (NHCD) Contract Monitoring Audit, which determined whether payments made by NHCD on contracts are in compliance with applicable contractual requirements (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 5

Small and Minority Business Resource (SMBR) Participation Goals Audit, which evaluated the effectiveness of SMBR’s process to establish, measure, and monitor achievement of small and minority business enterprise annual participation goals and determined if SMBR is properly and consistently certifying firms that apply for certification (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 6

Austin Resource Recovery (ARR) Employee Safety Audit, which determined whether ARR’s safety management system complies with laws, regulations, and City policies and provides reasonable assurance that employees are protected from injury or illness (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 7

Enterprise Fund Transfers Audit, which evaluated whether the Budget Office has adequately documented the support services and communication and technology management cost allocation plans, reasonableness of the plans, and reimbursements from enterprise funds to City departments compared to the services and benefits received (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 8

Proposed bylaw amendments for the Parks and Recreation Board to remove the Navigation Committee and to allow the board chair to serve as a nonvoting committee member (Office of the City Clerk)

Item 9

Proposed bylaws for the Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Commission (Office of the City Clerk)
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