Call to Order


Item 1

APPROVAL OF MINUTES a. Approve the minutes for the Arts Commission Regular Meeting on July 15, 2019

Item 2A


Briefing on a recommendation to Austin City Council on the Parks and Recreation Long Range Plan for Land, Facilities and Programs, presented by Kim McKnight, Acting Assistant Director

Item 4

CITIZEN COMMUNICATION: GENERAL – 6:30 PM Time Certain The first 10 speakers signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will each be allowed a three-minute allotment to address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda.

Item 2B

86th Legislative Session Update, presented by Brie Franco, Intergovernmental Relations Officer

Item 2C

Hotel Occupancy Tax report, presented by Sylnovia Holt-Rabb, Acting Deputy Director, Economic Development

Item 2D

Capacity Building Applications, presented by Laura Odegaard, Cultural Arts Funding Program Specialist

Item 3

CHAIR’S REPORT a. Art In Public Places Arts Commission Liaison Report – Commissioner Barnes b. Downtown Commission Liaison Report – Commissioner Garza c. Quality of Life Commission Updates

Item 5B

Dance Africa Fest – Tonya Pennie

Item 5C – Austin Creative Alliance

Item 5D

Austin Creative Alliance – John Riedie & Board of Directors

Item 6

NEW BUSINESS a. Approve the Selection Process Recommendation for the Little Stacy Neighborhood Park Art in Public Places Project b. Approve the Final Designs (10 Murals) for the TEMPO 2D AIPP Exhibition c. Discussion and possible action on roles and membership of Arts Commission Working Group in formulating recommendations regarding the Cultural Arts Fund

a. Discussion and possible action on a recommendation to Austin City Council on the Parks and Recreation Long Range Plan for Land, Facilities and Programs

Item 7

OLD BUSINESS a. Discussion and Possible Action Items i. Working Group Updates A. Creative Space Bond Working Group – Commissioners Reeves (Chair), Flores, LaTouf and Barnes and Music Commissioners Oren Rosenthal, Chaka Mahone and Stuart Sullivan B. Joint Arts and Music Land Development and Permitting Working Group – Commissioners Polgar (Chair), Reeves and community members Zac Traeger, David Sullivan, and Music Commissioners Oren Rosenthal and Graham Reynolds C. Cultural Funding Program Responsiveness Working Group – Commissioners Castillo, Polgar, Mok, and Fonte (Chair) D. TEMPO Program Guidelines and Goals Working Group – Commissioners Fonte, Barnes (Chair), Zisman, Polgar, community member Jade Walker and AIPP Panel members

Item 8

ITEMS FOR INFORMATION Next Regular Meeting will be on Monday, September 16 @ 6pm at Old Quarry Branch Library (7051 Village Center Dr., Austin, TX, 78731)

Item 9


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