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1. Approve a resolution authorizing the issuance of Austin Housing Finance Corporation Multi-family Housing Revenue Bonds, in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $13,000,000; approving related documents, in substantially the form attached to the resolution, to provide financing for the development of Govalle Terrace by Govalle Terrace Partners, LP, or an affiliated entity, for a proposed multi-family development to be located at 5225 Jain Lane, and authorizing specific named representatives of the Austin Housing Finance Corporation to execute the documents relating to issuance of the bonds and closing the transaction. District(s): District 3 2. Consent to the transfer of a regulatory and land use restriction agreement (dated August 1, 2002) to SHFC Oak Valley LLC, or an affiliated entity, for the property located at 2800 Collins Creek Drive. District(s): District 3 3. Approve the meeting minutes of the May 9, 2019, May 23, 2019, and June 6, 2019 board meetings of the Austin Housing Finance Corporation. 4. Authorize execution of a second amendment to the loan agreement by and between the Austin Housing Finance Corporation, Capital One, NA, and Housing First Oak Springs, LP for a multifamily affordable housing development. District(s): District 1

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