Item A


The first four (4) speakers signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will each be allowed a three-minute allotment to address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda.

Reading of the Agenda

Reading of the Agenda

Consent Agenda

Consent: B1, C13 - C15, C17, C18, C20 - C23

Consent Disapproval: C24 - C31

Discussion: C9, C12, C19

Postponed: C1 - C8, C10, C11, C16

Item C9

Rezoning: C814-2012-0160.01 - 211 South Lamar; District 5 Location: 211 South Lamar Boulevard Northbound and 1211 West Riverside Drive, Lady Bird Lake Watershed; South Lamar Combined (Zilker) NP Area (Suspended) Owner/Applicant: 16 Piggybank Ltd. (Huston Street) Agent: Drenner Group, PC (Amanda Swor) Request: Amend the PUD to modify the permitted uses and site development regulations Staff Rec.: Recommended, with conditions Staff: Wendy Rhoades, 512-974-7719 Planning and Zoning Department

Item C12

Code Amendment: C20-2019-008 - University Neighborhood Overlay (UNO) Amendments Request: Consider an ordinance amending Title 25 of the City Code related to allowable uses, building heights, parking requirements, and sign regulations in the University Neighborhood Overlay (UNO). Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Mark Walters, 512-974-7695 Planning and Zoning Department

Item C19

Compatibility Waiver: SP-2018-0486C – Manchaca; District 5 Location: 5107 Manchaca Road, Williamson Creek Watershed; South Manchaca NP Area Owner/Applicant: Urban Design Group Agent: PSW (Emily Cole) Request: Consider a request to reduce the intensive recreational compatibility setback from 50 feet to 29 feet and 19 feet. Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Randall Rouda, 512-974-3338 Development Services Department

Item D4

Rules of Procedure Discuss and consider amending Rules of Procedure related to speaker testimony on public hearing items. (Co-Sponsors: Chair Kazi, Vice- Chair Kenny)

Items D1 - D3


1. Revision of the Austin Land Development Code Discussion regarding matters related to the revision of the City of Austin Land Development Code including but not limited to staff updates, presentations and scheduling. (Co-Sponsors: Chair Kazi, Vice-Chair Kenny)

2. LDC Revision Working Groups Discuss and consider establishing the following Working Groups tasked with researching and providing the Commission with information and recommendations for consideration for adoption to the Land Development Code rewrite: Affordability, Downtown, Non-Residential Zones, Priorities, Process, Residential and Transitions (Co-Sponsors: Chair Kazi, Vice-Chair Kenny)

3. LDC Revision Process Working Group Recommendations Discuss and consider recommendations from the LDC Revision Process Working Group. (Co-Sponsors: Commissioners Thomson and Hempel)

Item E

FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS Future agenda items will not be discussed at the current meeting, but will be offered for initiation, discussion or possible recommendation at a future meeting.

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