Item A


The first four (4) speakers signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will each be allowed a three-minute allotment to address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda.

Item B1


Staff requests approval of August 12, 2019 draft minutes

Item B2

Staff and Applicant requests for postponement and withdraw of items posted on this Agenda

Item C1


C16-2019-0002 Ben Robinson for E. Salvik, Morningside Des Plaines LLC & Morningside 770 LLC 4700 North Capital of Texas Highway

The applicant is requesting a variance(s) from the Land Development Code:

a) Section 25-10-124 (Scenic Roadway Sign District) (B) (1) to increase the maximum sign area on a lot from 64 square feet (required) to 165.88 square feet (requested)

b) Section 25-10-125 (B) (2) from 12 feet to 17 feet on the right side due to extreme slope of terrain in order to erect a freestanding internally illuminated (individual letters only) located at this site in a “MF-1-CO”, Multi-Family - Combined Overlay zoning district; Scenic Sign District.

Item C2

C16-2019-0004 Will Marsh for USL2 Austin 901 East 6th Street LP 901 East 6th Street

The applicant is requesting a variance(s) from Section 25-10-133 (University Neighborhood Overlay Zoning District Sign) (F) to allow for three electrical wall signs to be placed on the fifth floor of the building in order to provide signage for a Mixed Use building in a “TOD-CURE-CO-NP”, Transit Oriented District/Plaza Saltillo – Central Urban Redevelopment – Combined Overlay – Neighborhood Plan zoning district. (East Cesar Chavez)

Item I1


C15-2019-0047 Janis J. Smith, P.E. for David Middleton/YOLO Partners, LTD 3707 Taylors Drive

The applicant is requesting a variance(s) from Section 25-2-1176 (A) (1) (Site Development Regulations for Docks, Marinas, and other Lakefront Uses) to increase the Shoreline setback requirement from 30 feet (required) to 40 feet (requested) in order to erect a Boat Dock in a “SF-3-NP”, Single-Family –Neighborhood Plan zoning District (West Austin Neighborhood Plan, LA zoning Overlay).

Item I2

C15-2019-0051 Amy Morales for Leonardo Madrigal/SFC Software Factory, LLC 707 West Slaughter Lane

The applicant is requesting a variance(s) from Section 25-2-492 (Site Development Regulations) (D) to increase the maximum height from 60 feet (required) to 75 feet (requested) in order to erect a Multi-Family use in a “GR-MU-V”, Community Commercial –Mixed Use-Vertical Mixed Use zoning district. (Scenic Roadways Overlay –Slaughter Lane)

Item I3

C15-2019-0052 Nicole Blair for Susan & Mitchell Oringer 1504 East 13th Street

The applicant is requesting a variance(s) from Section 25-2-947 (Non-Conforming Use Regulation Groups) (B) (2) to increase the improvement value from maximum of $56,000 to $696,000 in order to remodel and construct an addition to a Duplex in a “SF- 3-NP”, Single-Family Residence zoning district. (Central East Austin Neighborhood Plan).

Item P2

C15-2019-0040 Leah Bojo for Artesia 2018 Investments, LLC 8300 North IH 35 Southbound

The applicant is requesting a variance(s) to decrease the minimum site area requirement of Subchapter E, Article 4, Mixed Use Combining District, Section 4.2.1 (D)(6)(c) (District Standards) from a minimum requirement of 210,800 square feet (required) to 130,0680 square feet (requested) in order to construct a Multi-Family use in a “CS-MUCO- NP”, General Commercial Services –Mixed Use – Conditional Overlay – Neighborhood Plan zoning district. (Georgian Acres Neighborhood Plan). The Land Development Code requires that in an MU combining district that is combined with general office (GO), Community Commercial, (GR) General Commercial Services (CS), or Community Services – Liquor Sales (CS-1) base district, the minimum site area for each dwelling unit is: (i) 800 square feet, for an efficiency dwelling unit; (ii) 1,000 square feet, for a one bedroom dwelling unit; and (iii) 1,200 square feet, for a dwelling unit with two or more bedrooms.

Item P3

C15-2019-0046 Lila Nelson for Benjamin S. Wu 4320 James Casey Street

The applicant is requesting a variance(s) from Section 25-2-1067 (H) (Design Regulations) Compatibility Height requirements of Article 10, Compatibility Standards, Division 2 –Development Standards to

a) decrease the minimum parking setback from 25 feet (required) on the southern and western boundaries to 0 feet (requested) and;

b) decrease the minimum driveway setback from 20 feet (required) to 0 feet (requested),

in order to construct an accessory parking lot in a “LO-V-NP”, Limited Office – Vertical Mixed Use – Neighborhood Plan zoning district. (South Manchaca Neighborhood Plan)

Item S1


Discussion of the August 12, 2019 Board activity report

Item S2

Discussion and possible action regarding Workgroups Update: Transportation Criteria/Code Recommendations Workgroup

Item S3

Discussion and possible action of BOA fees resolution

Item S4


Items S5 & T

S-5 Discussion of future agenda new business items, staff requests and potential special called meeting and/or workshop requests

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