Item 1

CALL TO ORDER CITIZEN COMMENTS 1. Comments are limited to topics not on the agenda but that may directly or indirectly affect transportation in the CAMPO geographic area. Up to ten individuals may sign up to speak -- each of whom must contact the CAMPO office by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, September 9th.

Item 2

PUBLIC HEARING (PUBLIC COMMENT) On requested amendments to the A. CAMPO 2035 Regional Transportation Plan B. CAMPO’s FY 2013 – 2016 Transportation Improvement Program

Items 3 & 4


4. Commute Solutions

Items 5 & 6

ACTION ITEMS (PUBLIC COMMENT) 5. Consider and take appropriate action on staff recommendation to A. Approve Amendment 2 to the RideShark contract and the accompanying resolution, and authorize the Director to execute Amendment 2 B. Approve summary minutes from the August 12, 2013 meeting C. Approve a resolution authorizing the Director to negotiate and enter into a contract for consultant services for conducting the FHWA Extreme Weather Vulnerability Assessment Pilot Project 6. Consider a recommendation from the Budget, Audit and Finance Committee to accept the Financial Statements and Independent Auditor’s Reports for FY 2012

Items 7 - 10

PRESENTATIONS AND REPORTS (NO PUBLIC COMMENT) Report from the CAMPO Director A. 2040 Plan Development B. Acceptance of donation from the City of Austin Air Quality Program C. Regional Mobility Summit Video nominated for award by the Texas Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors

8. Report from the Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee

9. Report from the Chair of the Transportation Policy Board

10. Adjourn
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