Items 1 & 2

1. Citizen Communication (3 minutes to speak) The Committee may discuss and take action on any of the following items: 2. Approval of August 27, 2014 Minutes

Item 3

The Water Billing Process Audit, which evaluated whether AE’s water meter reading process results in accurate water charges contained in customer utility bills (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 4

The Office of the City Auditor Fiscal Year 2015 Interim Strategic Audit Plan (Office of the City Auditor)

Addendum Item 5

Recommendation regarding the sale of two tracts of land totaling approximately 215.436 acres out of and a part of the R.G. Anderson Survey in Williamson and Travis Counties, Texas, known locally as 15700 Anderson Mill Road, to the CITY OF CEDAR PARK, TEXAS, for the amount of $4,100,000 (Real Estate Services)
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