Reading of the Agenda/Consent Agenda

The agenda is read and the consent agenda is voted on.

Item C4

Rezoning: C14-2010-0207 - Robinson Foundation Offices Location: 510 West 8th Street, Shoal Creek Watershed, Downtown NPA Owner/Applicant: Darnell Robinson Family, LLC (Michael Ginsberg) Agent: Alice Glasco Consulting (Alice Glasco) Request: MF-4 to DMU Staff Rec.: Recommendation of DMU-CO Staff: Stephen Rye, 974-7604, Planning and Development Review Deparment

Item C8

Site Plan - Conditional Use Permit: SPC-2010-0061C - New Theatre @ Zach Scott Location: 202 S. Lamar Blvd., Lady Bird Lake Watershed, Zilker Neighborhood NPA Owner/Applicant: City of Austin (Nick Naccarato) Agent: Zachary Scott (Susan Benz) Request: Request approval of a conditional use site plan permit for the construction of a new theatre on property zoned P, Public and development greater than one acre. [LDC Sec. 25-2-625] Waiver Requests: 1) Request the use of alternative materials on the exterior surface of a building which is visible from parkland adjacent to Town Lake. [LDC Sec. 25-2-733(E)(2)(3)]; 2) To permit less than 60% of the ground level wall visible from parkland to be a material other than clear or lightly tinted glass. [LDC Sec. 25-2- 733(E)(1)]. Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Nikki Hoelter, 974-2863, Planning and Development Review Department

Items D-F

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