Item 1

CITIZENS COMMUNICATION: GENERAL The first 4 speakers signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will each be allowed a three-minute allotment to address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda.

Item 2

APPROVAL OF MINUTES Discussion and Possible Action - May 11, 2010 meeting minutes

Item 3A

Briefing: Overview of the Proposed Transportation Fund and Parking Fund for Fiscal Year 2011 Howard Lazarus, Acting Assistant City Manager, and Robert Spillar, Director, Austin Transportation Department

Item 3B

Capital Metro FY11 Proposed Budget Development – Presentation and Possible Recommendation Dinita Caldwell, Community Involvement Coordinator, Capital Metro

Item 3D

Special Events Frances Hargrove, Special Events Manager, Austin Transportation Department a. Keep Austin Weird Event – Briefing

Item 3E

Seaholm Redevelopment – Lady Bird Lake – Lake Crossing Option – Presentation and Possible Recommendation Clare Barry, Citizen

Item 3C

Real Estate Vacation Evaluation – Presentation and Possible Recommendation Gordon Derr, Assistant Director, Austin Transportation Department a. F#8794-1004 Partial Alley Vacation between Congress Avenue & Brazos Street, and 2nd & 3rd Streets.

Item 4A

Austin Strategic Mobility Plan Update and Community Mobility Gaps List Robert Spillar, Director, and Gordon Derr, Assistant Director, Austin Transportation Department

Item 5

STAFF AND COMMITTEE REPORTS A. Low Speed Vehicles – Update and Possible Recommendation B. East Riverside Corridor Working Group Representative – Discussion and Possible Action
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