Reading of the Agenda/Consent Agenda

The agenda is read and the consent agenda is voted on.

Item C1

Code Amendment: C20-2011-002 - Noncontiguous Zoning & Fee Waiver for Annexed Land Location: City Wide Owner/Applicant: City of Austin Request: Conduct a public hearing to consider an ordinance amending Chapter 25-1 and 25-2 of the City Code to (1) allow the City Council or the Land Use Commission to initiate a single zoning case for multiple non-contiguous properties if those have interim zoning or are unzoned, and (2) waive zoning application fees for one year from the time of annexation for properties where the interim zoning does not permit the existing use. Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Jackie Chuter, 974-2613, Planning & Development Review Department

Item C2

C14-2011-0007 - Hollow at Slaughter Creek Zoning, Phase A Location: 9900-9948 Hundred Year Oak Drive; 1300-1324 Tillerfield Trail; 9900-10048 Wading Pool Path, Slaughter Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: Pulte Homes (Brent Baker) Agent: Carlson, Brigance & Doering, Inc. (Geoff Guerrero) Request: I-RR; I-SF-4A to SF-4A Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Wendy Rhoades, 974-7719, Planning and Development Review Department

Item C4

C14-2011-0014 - Heritage Oak Hill Location: 8922 Manchaca Road, Slaughter Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: Cuong D. Tran Agent: Bury & Partners, Inc. (Melissa M. Neslund) Request: DR to MF-2 Staff Rec.: Recommendation of MF-2-CO with conditions Staff: Wendy Rhoades, 974-7719, Planning and Development Review Department

Item C13

Resubdivision: C8-2010-0130.0A - Resubdivsion of Lot 15, Block A, Barr II-B Location: 11619 Q Ranch Road, Bull/Walnut Creek Watersheds Owner/Applicant: Jollyland Partners (Doug Moss) Agent: Longaro & Clarke (Alex Clarke) Request: Approve the resubdivision of one lot into 11 lots on 2.735 acres. Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Sylvia Limon, 974-2767, Jennifer Groody, 974-6361, Planning and Development Review Department ADJOURNMENT
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