Reading of the Agenda/Consent Agenda

The agenda is read and the consent agenda is voted on.

Item C1

Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan Request: Brief the Zoning and Platting Commission on the ongoing Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan process and next steps in the planning process.

Item C7

Resubdivision: C8J-2010-0016.0A - Resubdivision Of Lot 2, Kellywood Estates Section Two Location: 4110 Kellywood Drive, Slaughter Creek (BSZ) Watershed Owner/Applicant: Noel M. & Susan Kelly Agent: Texas Engineering Solutions, LLC (Stephen Delgado) Request: Approve the resubdivision of one lot inot 4 lots on 4.14.acres. Staff Rec.: Recommended.

Item C4 and E

Rezoning: C14-2010-0190 - BB-OTL Project Location: 1807 West Slaughter Lane, Slaughter Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: BB Retail South LP (Jimmy J. Nassour) Agent: Alice Glasco Consulting (Alice Glasco) Request: GR to LI Staff Rec.: Recommendation of LI-CO E. ADJOURNMENT
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