Reading of the Agenda/Consent Agenda

The agenda is read, and the consent agenda is voted on.

Item C4

Rezoning: C14-2010-0034 - Stonegate Two Location: 2500 West William Cannon Drive, Williamson Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: KC 1 Stonegate L.P. (John P. (Sean) Cummings, Jr.) Agent: Jim Bennett Consulting (Jim Bennett) Request: LO-CO to LO-CO to modify the conditional overlay by increasing the number of vehicle trips per day Staff Rec.: Recommendation of LO-CO with conditions Staff: Wendy Rhoades, 974-7719, Planning and Development Review Department

Item C5

Zoning: C14-2010-0132 - Central Texas Rehabilitation Location: 4500 1/2 Triangle Avenue, Waller Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: State of Texas (Hal Croft) Agent: Brown McCarroll, L.L.C. (Nikelle Meade) Request: Unzoned to CS-CO Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Clark Patterson, 974-7691, Planning and Development Review Department
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