Reading of the Agenda/Consent Agenda

The agenda is read, and the consent agenda is voted on.

Item 6

Final Plat: C8-2009-0061.0A - Whitworth Infill Subdivision (AKA: Green Acres, Resubdivision of Lot 32, Block 10) Location: 2600 & 2602 Geraghty Avenue, Shoal Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: (David Whitworth) Agent: (David Whitworth) Request: Approval of the Resbudivision from 2 lots to 3 lots on 0.52 acres. Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: David Wahlgren, 974-6455, Planning and Development Review Department

Item 7

Resubdivision: C8-2009-085.0A - Resubdivision of Lots 39 & 40, Harris Ridge Phase 3, Section 1, Block C Location: Dexford Drive, Harris Branch Watershed Owner/Applicant: Ken Blevins Agent: Holt Planners (David Holt, Jr.) Request: Approval of a Resubdivision Plat composed of 2 lots on 0.85 acres for proposed community recreation (private) use. Staff Rec.: Recommended. Staff: Don Perryman, 974-2786, Planning & Development Review Department
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